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RCTC conducts two workshops per year. Spring and Fall.

The registration period varies, but generally, for the Spring workshop, registration opens in late November or early December for a couple weeks. Registration for the Fall workshop usually opens in July.

We do not mail out notifications about registration opening, nor do we mail out registration forms. Rather, it is announced online, and notification is emailed to everyone on our mailing list. Registration forms must be filled out and submitted online, and payment made using PayPal.

All applicants are notified via email mail whether or not they have been accepted into the workshop. Tuition is refunded for those who are not accepted.

Be aware that for many workshops, RCTC receives more applicants than we can accommodate. The overall number, ages and genders of those accepted into the workshop is based on the casting needs for the chosen production. Regrettably, not everyone who applies will be accepted. No auditions are required. Everyone accepted into the workshop will appear on stage. Lead roles will be cast based on auditions held after the workshop has begun.